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When you're thirsty for prospects, there's Black Thirstday.

Offer valid only on Thursday 20/6 from 00:01 to 23:59

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You missed out!

+150,000 customers save time every day with Waalaxy


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Put your prospecting

on autopilot

The aim is to leave you with (almost) nothing to do. Find your prospects, import them and let Waalaxy contact them for you. No technical skills required.

Develop your network to generate opportunities

At Waalaxy, your sales representative takes care of everything. Sending invitations, contacting prospects, making follow-ups... Except that it costs at least 20x less.


invites and messages

on LinkedIn

It's time to take your prospecting to scale. Contact up to 800 people a month, in just 10 minutes a week.

Offer valid only on Thursday 20/6 from 00:01 to 23:59

Is Waalaxy the right choice for you?

Sales / Marketer

Scale up your acquisition.

Distribute your services.


Expand your network. Generate hundreds of opportunities.
Every week.


Expand your pool of candidates.
Distribute your offers.
Recruit the best talent.


Fill your order book.
No technical skills required.

In 10 minutes / day.

30% OFF,

today only.


Offer valid only on Thursday 20/6 from 00:01 to 23:59

🌈 Automated LinkedIn + Email functionalities

👀 800 quotas per month

Auto-imports of LinkedIn profiles

🔍 Search Emails with Email finder

📊 Dashboard for campaign statistics

🧑‍💻 Chat support with real humans

🤖 Automatic prospect search with the 

AI Prospect Finder

Black Thirstday
is like your birthday.

It only happens once a year.

How does it work?

Import your prospects 👽

Choose a campaign 💌

Wait for your leads 😍

Questions & Answers

What is the BlackThirstday offer?

The Black Thirsday offer means a 30% discount on all our annual plans. If you're thirsty for leads, now's the time to fill up.

How do you find contact emails?

To find your prospects' emails we rely on Dropcontact, the industry's benchmark tool and perfectly compliant with the RGPD. Unity is strength.

How much does Waalaxy cost?

Waalaxy is a good deal in normal times. But during Black Thirsday, it's the deal of a lifetime. Here's the proof.

What is the limit for invitation requests on LinkedIn?

Waalaxy lets you contact up to 800 people a month, 200 a week. That's a lot of prospects to contact.

Can I use Waalaxy with my team or as an agency?

Grâce à la fonctionnalité Team, disponible sur tous les plans, vous pouvez gérer vos campagnes sur autant de comptes que vous le souhaitez. Plus on est de fou, plus on rit !

What features are coming soon?

Pour connaître les développements futurs de l'outil, vous pouvez consulter notre roadmap publique. Si vous voulez construire l'outil de vos rêves avec nous, c'est ici que ça se passe. ❤️

How long does Black Thirstday last?

L'offre n'est valable que 24h. Le jeudi 9/6. De 00:01 à 23h59. 
Il y a ceux qui osent, et ceux qui regrettent. À vous de voir.

What's the link with ProspectIn?

ProspectIn, Podawaa, Piwaa et Waalaxy sont développés par la même entreprise. Waalaxy est un outil qui intègre les fonctionnalités de ProspectIn mais en beaucoup plus puissant.

They speak better than we do👇


sur Google Chrome Store

Jason Turner

Founder at Entanglement

After having used so many other applications related to LinkedIn marketing, I can safely say that Waalaxy is the absolute BEST. Hands down. I found Waalaxy while searching for email marketing apps. I was THRILLED to find out that Waalaxy combines email and LinkedIn marketing, effectively killing all the birds with one stone.

Lilan Sevoumian

Expert Airtable & Make

Waalaxy is an application that comes with solutions. To begin with, it is characterized by a clear, organized and easy-to-use application. It has different tools that together allow you to carry out a variety of actions together. Something to highlight is the quality of support that you get with Waalaxy. If you have any questions, the support team responds quickly and clearly. 

Carla Parga

Freelance Product Designer

As a freelance product designer, I am always on the lookout for effective ways to expand my network, gain new clients, and grow my business. That's why I was thrilled when I stumbled upon the Waalaxy. It has been a game-changer for my prospecting process, saving me countless hours while significantly increasing the quality and quantity of my connections.

Nick Evans

Director and Owner at Koda Staff

I have to say Waalaxy is fantastic. A real game changer in regards to giving marketing power to the user. No longer does a small company have to part with a massive marketing budget to get agency support. Now, businesses and run their own engagement campaigns in a quick and easy manner, for very little money. 

Nicole Brooks

Director Marketing at Realtor

Waalaxy is absolutely AMAZING! It changed my perspective on contacting prospects via LinkedIn. Only three months after getting the subscription, I've had more responses and connections than since I started my LinkedIn. All I can say is that this tool is perfectly made with excellent resources. What I appreciate the most is the customer service. Margot is always willing to help me out and sort my needs. Productivity at its finest, no more time-wasting! THANKS A MILLION!!

Jorge Morales

Growth Hacker at Eat Cloud

Looking to send up to 200 connections per week? This is the solution that you should use, not only for the number but also for the possibility to create Linkedin and email outreach campaigns in the same place...this platform has changed the rules of the game.  It also has a tool that allows you to find the emails of your prospects all in the same workflow at a really competitive price.

It also works for LinkedIn messaging

30% off on the best LinkedIn messaging system on the market. Perfect for handling the flood of leads generated by your Waalaxy campaigns.

"I'm going to make them an offer
they can't refuse".

The godfather (of Waalaxy)

Offer valid only on Thursday 20/6 from 00:01 to 23:59