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Please see payment terms and conditions for full details.

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Question & Answers

Can I get a more personalized partnership?

The ambassador program remains mostly beneficial to the ambassador through commissions. If you are a training organization (incubator, school, etc.), a partner program without commissions that is more advantageous for affiliates can be established. Partnerships (webinars, lives, etc.) can be agreed upon. For more information, please contact customer support.

How can I see my affiliates and my performance?

Here on our ambassador interface! You will be able to see your affiliates, paying or not, but also the amount of your commissions.

For how long are commissions paid?

The payment of commissions is triggered as of the 1st paying affiliate. Commissions will be paid until the end of the contract (5 years after signing if not renewed).

Who can I affiliate ?

eveebody except yourself and people who works in the same company as yours

What happens if the person doesn't use my affiliate link?

Our tracking system is activated from the visit of the lead on our site. If the lead does not visit our site using your link, it is not possible to add them as an affiliate afterwards.

What are the benefits for my affiliates to go through my affiliate link?

Depending on the option you choose, your affiliate can get some advantages by clicking your link. There are two ambassador program options that will be beneficial for your affiliates:

Option 1: 50% commission for you and 1 month free trial for them

Option 2: 30% commission for you and 14 days free trial for them

Option 2: 30% commission for you and 2 months free trial for them

What are the different affiliation options that you offer?

We offer 3 options:

Option 1: 50% commission for you and 1 month free trial for them

Option 2: 30% commission for you and 14 days free trial for them

Option 2: 30% commission for you and 2 months free trial for them


Happy customers ❤️


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Jason Turner

Founder at Entanglement

After having used so many other applications related to LinkedIn marketing, I can safely say that Waalaxy is the absolute BEST, hands down. I actually found Waalaxy while searching for email marketing apps. I was THRILLED to find out that Waalaxy combines email and LinkedIn marketing, effectively killing all the birds with one stone.

Chip. M

Chief Revenue Officer at Carta

When Linkedin limited its users from ever contacting a decent amount of prospects, it was a massive blow to them. ALL other apps simply downplayed the limit... and ran! NOT Waalaxy! They quickly found a solution... and not just a simple workaround, but a comprehensive full-featured solution! Not only allowing you to "connect" and msg via Linkedin, but utilizing MULTI channels to connect! So instead of a limit; you actually have MORE ways to connect using Waalaxy. Do not waste your time testing the rest; I DID. Lastly, but definitely not least, Waalaxy has daily support.

Julieta Juvany

Business Developer at BetterPros

Waalaxy is an application that comes with solutions. To begin with, it is characterized by a clear, organized and easy-to-use application. It has different tools that together allow you to carry out a variety of actions together. Something to highlight is the quality of support that you get with Waalaxy. If you have any questions, the support team responds quickly and clearly. 

Jorge Morales

Growth Hacker at Eat Cloud

Looking to send more than 100 connections per week? This is the solution that you should use, not only for the number but also for the possibility to create Linkedin and email outreach campaigns in the same place...this platform has changed the rules of the game.  It also has a tool that allows you to find the emails of your prospects all in the same workflow at a really competitive price.

Nick Evans

Director and Owner at Koda Staff

I have to say Waalaxy is fantastic. A real game changer in regards to giving marketing power to the user. No longer does a small company have to part with a massive marketing budget to get agency support. Now, businesses can run their own engagement campaigns quickly and easily, for very little money. 

Nicole Brooks

Director Marketing at Realtor

Waalaxy is absolutely AMAZING! It changed my perspective on contacting prospects via LinkedIn. Only three months after getting the subscription, I've had more responses and connections than since I started my LinkedIn. All I can say is that this tool is perfectly made with excellent resources. What I do appreciate the most is the customer service, Margot is always willing to help me out and sort my needs. Productivity at its finest, it helps me gain so much time! THANKS A MILLION!!

Waalaxy Ambassador
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