Find your prospects.

Using the magic of AI.

The future of prospecting is here. Let AI find prospects for you. In a few clicks. No technical skills required.

Hundreds of qualified prospects.
For you. At the click of a button.

Up to 1000 qualified prospects in 2 minutes

Easier than a LinkedIn search

Faster than an Amazon delivery


How does it work?

Import current prospects 🔄

Import your existing prospect or client list. Alternatively answer a few easy questions. 

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Our AI scans through 200 million LinkedIn profiles to find the right prospects for YOU. 

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Contact your new list of qualified prospects using our automated prospecting tool.

They can't wait to test AI Prospect Finder

by Waalaxy👇


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Philippe Saladino

Founder of CASANO Agency

Great tool! I would recommend it 100% and I am excited to see future versions :)


Connor Goulding-Miles

Founder of Goldsmith Growth

Fantastic platform - the lifetime is worth its weight in gold!


Guy Prince

Director of First Oak Capital

Save yourself days of work on LinkedIn by automating your prospecting. What's more, you can connect to your CRM and send cold emails on one single platform. It sounds too good to be true, but it isn't.


Vincenzo Manto

Purchasing Manager BBX UK

Waalaxy is very easy to use and I love the improvements and tweaks made by the team. I'm always interested in new ways to market on LinkedIn, and I can definitely recommend Waalaxy to every professional on LinkedIn. A simple and effective tool!


Carlos Parga

Freelance Product Designer

As a freelance Product Designer, I'm always looking for effective ways to expand my network, find new clients, and grow my business. That's why I was thrilled when I discovered Waalaxy. It has been a game changer for my prospecting process. It's saved me countless hours and dramatically increased the number of connections I make.


Serge Lavrinchuck

Founder & CEO at Wild Web Art

Waalaxy is a great tool for prospecting on LinkedIn. We switched from LinkedIn Helper to Waalaxy almost a year ago and we've had no regrets. Waalaxy's ability to find prospects using email addresses has increased the number of invitations I can send to 100 a day, which is incredible.


How does Waalaxy's AI Prospect Finder work? 

This first version only takes into account LinkedIn titles and geographical locations. Upcoming versions will include further data such as years of experience, company size, school, previous experience, and history to determine the likelihood of the prospect responding to your message.

Prospect Finder by Waalaxy or Sales Navigator - which is better?

On average, Sales Navigator search results contain between 30 and 50% false positives. In addition, there's a learning curve as you need to know how to use the filters correctly to get good results.
Finally, some profiles do not contain the keywords you are looking for and will never appear in your search.

With Waalaxy's Prospect Finder, all prospects are qualified. The search takes 2 minutes, requires 0 technical knowledge, and allows you to find similar profiles using an intelligent analysis system as opposed to basic keyword research. Check out our public roadmap.

Is this feature free?

The beta of the tool will be free, after which all plans will have access to a free version of the feature. All users will have the option to upgrade for unlimited access.

Can I export prospects from Prospect Finder into another tool?

Absolutely. You can export contacts in CSV format and then import them into any other tool.

AI has come to the world of prospecting. Make sure you don't miss out.