Your prospecting.

Finally successful.

It takes between 7 and 13 contact points with a prospect to convert them into a qualified lead ready to do business with you.
How many of these are currently in your prospecting pipeline?

Find your prospects ❤️

Find leads with LinkedIn and enrich them automatically! Optimize the prospecting process by integrating Waalaxy on LinkedIn and get direct access to your prospects' information that are relevant to you. You can connect with your prospects to find new opportunities!

Automate your LinkedIn prospecting 🚀

Send automated invitations and messages on LinkedIn by creating automated sequences directly from a list of contacts on LinkedIn. You can then send your contacts to your CRM or email marketing tool.

Automate your emails ✅

You will be able to enrich your contacts' data from LinkedIn with their emails and thus extend your contact points. Your invitations, messages and emails will automatically follow each other. Until your prospect responds.

Combine both 🦄

Combine LinkedIn and Email automation to maximize your conversion rate.
Thanks to our numerous sequence templates, you can automate your prospecting, enrich your data and combine different contact channels!