LinkedIn messaging.

But better.

Save 4 hours a week with the Inbox by Waalaxy. Shortcuts, CRM features and saved replies.

Your LinkedIn conversations.
10x faster.

Pre-saved responses

Schedule automated follow-ups


Tag leads


Coming soon

Export data to your CRM


Chat support 6/7 days a week

Intuitive interface

Inbox by Waalaxy



🌈 Pre-saved responses

👀 Schedule automated follow-ups

📊 Tag leads

💻 Export data to your CRM

❤️ Chat support with real humans 6/7 days.

Organize your email
so you never miss a prospect again.

Between LinkedIn and your CRM, there's the Waalaxy Inbox. ❤️

The LinkedIn messaging solution that simplifies and streamlines your conversation management, increases your conversion rates,

and gives you a better messaging experience.


How does it work?


Automate 🔄

Schedule reminders at a desired date. Automatically synchronize with over 2,000 applications.


Customize ✏️

Enhance the personalization of your conversations with custom variables, tags and notes.


Respond 💬

Manage your conversations in no time, thanks to pre-saved messages and keyboard shortcuts.

10x faster than traditional messaging.

They have already tested LinkedIn messaging by Waalaxy 👇


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Ruben Taieb

CEO at "le cocon"

It used to take me a really long time to respond to my LinkedIn messages. But that was before Waalaxy's Inbox.


Benoit Dubos

Co-founder at Growster

Waalaxy has a gift for making our lives easier. It was about time someone did something about LinkedIn's messaging.


Steven Marchais

Sales Manager

Thank you for this simple, intuitive, and above all functional tool! Managing LinkedIn messages is no longer a problem for me. Congratulations for this solution !!!!


Bastien Campais

Freelance Digital Marketer

Saves an incredible amount of time. Waalaxy allows you to sort, manage and organize your messages on LinkedIn


Popcorn Vidéo

Custom Success Manager

FINALLY a practical tool that allows you to tame the messy messaging of LinkedIn! If you have a certain number of messages every day, it quickly becomes unmanageable! How many times have you read a lead's message on your smartphone, only for it to practically disappear once in front of the PC?  Not anymore! With Waalaxy Inbox, you can now tag messages, making it fast and easy to search for a particular message 👍

A must-have tool for pros!


Jean D'Alessandro

Web Marketing Consultant

As for its products, ProspectIn and Podawaa, the team has once again done an exceptional job! Ergonomics, ease of management, clarity of documentation and a support as responsive as ever - I can only recommend this new tool.


Is there a risk to my LinkedIn account?

No! Waalaxy's Inbox behaves exactly the same as LinkedIn's classic messaging system. The difference is that Waalaxy's Inbox has a sleeker interface and additional features (none of which are prohibited by LinkedIn).

Is it possible to manage several accounts?

That's our goal! To be able to manage messages from different accounts from a single interface.
We don't have a release date for this feature yet, but stay tuned.

How much does the inbox cost?

You can find all our pricing here

Is there a mobile version?

Not at the moment, but we are considering creating one.

Do I need a Waalaxy subscription to use Waalaxy messaging?

You can manage 500 conversations for free with Inbox. After 500 conversations, you will need to subscribe to the Inbox package, starting from €20/month.

LinkedIn messaging
But better. 😎