Work as a team.
From a single interface.

Centralize your lead gen strategy. Deploy your strategy throughout

your team. Multiply the number of prospects contacted.
In short, earn more. Without working more.


Together we are better. 


Manage campaigns for your entire Waalaxy team from a single interface.
Add and remove seats whenever you want. Automatically update your CRM.


Multiply the results of your campaigns by multiplying the number of prospects. Never approach the same person twice, even with multiple accounts.


The more accounts you take, the more you save. Pay for only one Sales Navigator license for your entire team.

Coming soon!

A centralized dashboard ✅

Waalaxy's "Team" plan allows you to unite several accounts under one entity. Your prospecting campaigns are centralized. Your results are multiplied by ten.

  • Centralized campaign management
  • Easy sharing of prospect lists
  • +200 invitations sent per week per account

Manage all your accounts in one place 👌

All your accounts on the same interface. Centralized account management and single billing. Import your leads from account A to account B in just one click. Access your team's performance on a centralized dashboard.

  • Export leads to any account in your team
  • Anti-duplicate security
  •  1-click access to all team accounts
  • Team performance dashboard


Available on all Waalaxy plans

Get a quote for your Team plan:

Available for all Waalaxy plans

Centralized dashboard

Export from one account to another

Anti-duplicate management

Choose you plan

Length of subscription

How many members do you want in your team (yourself included)?




Everything a team needs to find leads automatically.

Shared lists

Import your leads from one account to another. Use only one Sales Navigator account for your entire team.

Manage your teams' accounts

Set up campaigns for your teammates from a single interface. Without accessing their LinkedIn account.


Add and remove seats whenever you want. No charge. Manage member rights as you choose.


With the anti-duplicate security, never contact the same person twice. Even with multiple accounts.


Update your CRM and export data automatically to your favorite tools with ease.

Automatic Imports

Start your "Team" in one click. No quotes. No complicated processes. Try it- you'll be delighted.

Questions & Answers

Is there a free trial of the Team plan?

To get a free trial of the Team plan, contact us via chat.

Can I get a discount for multiple licenses?

For any particular request (from 10 licenses), please contact us on the support chat. We will be happy to find the right offer for you.

Can I get a demo?

Our team can't give you a demo of Waalaxy, but you can ask us your questions directly on the chat to get all the answers you need.

Can I add or remove a seat when I want?

Yes, the number of seat in your team is entirely up to you.

What if someone of my team is leaving my company?

If someone of your team is leaving your company, you will be able to remove the seat from the team or to reattribute the seat to another member of your company. The seat will still be active until the end of the periodicity, even if no one is using it.

What features does the "Team" plan provide?

The "Team" plan gives access to specific features (centralized campaign management, anti-duplicate security between accounts, etc.) in addition to the features of the chosen plan.

You can decide to have a Team plan with a PRO, ADVANCED or BUSINESS subscription. All your accounts then have access to the features of the plan in question. It is not possible to have several different plans within one Team.

Is there any engagement?

No. You can end your subscription whenever you want. From the moment you cancel your subscription, it will last until the end of the started periodicity.

Is the "Team" plan adapted to agencies?

A significant part of our "Team" customers are agencies, which outsource their customers' campaigns or give them access to the tool, accompanying them in their customer acquisition strategy.
In this case, the end customer accesses a "normal" account.


Nothing to lose. Everything to gain.

By choosing Waalaxy's Team plan, you give yourself the opportunity to increase your customer acquisition tenfold.

It's flexible. It's simple. It's effective.

Why not give it a try?