The future of prospecting.

Your multi-channel prospecting.

Find prospects on every channel. Reach your prospects wherever they are. Obtain the best conversion rates in your market. All in an automated fashion.

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Find customers. Easier than ever before.

Waalaxy allows you to automatically contact your prospects on different channels through entirely automated sequences.

  • Prospecting 100% automated.
  • LinkedIn, Email, Twitter & more...
  • Native CRM integration & Zapier
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Convert your prospects. On a large scale.

  1. Precision.

    Automatically source and get lists of ultra qualified prospects, based on your clients' profiles.

  2. Efficiency.

    Invitations on LinkedIn, emails, direct messages on Twitter, CRM synchronization: your prospecting executes autonomously.

  3. Magnitude.

    Combine actions of your choice to create an infinite amount of prospecting sequences.

Much more than prospecting...

In a Waalaxy not so far away, your prospecting happens autonomously...


Contact your prospects, whatever channel they are on. Exponentially increase your conversion rates by surrounding your prospects like a bubble.

Sequence creator

Create your own prospecting sequences by choosing the conditions, the contact channels and the messages.


Thanks to qualified data and advanced conditions, personalize your approaches to make your prospect feel unique.

Order and filter lists

Easily organise your lists by categorizing them according to numerous criterias: title, company, region, language, tag...

Native integrations

Update your CRM and automatically export the data to your preferred tool easily.


Trigger actions on Waalaxy depending on external conditions related to your other tools. All in an automated fashion.

Access the private beta.

Be a part of our first 100 testers, with the privilege of testing the best automated prospecting tool on the market.

  • Number of prospects
  • Number of LinkedIn actions
  • Number of emails that can be sent
  • Number of email searches
Private beta

100 / user

  • Number of prospects Unlimited
  • Number of LinkedIn actions Unlimited
    (subject to LinkedIn quotas)
  • Number of emails that can be sent Unlimited
  • Number of email searches

Questions & Answers

What's the benefit of multi-channel prospecting?

By contacting your prospect on different channels, you multiply by 3 your chances of getting a response.

Yes. To ensure that we can provide a rapidly evolving product, we have chosen to request a small contribution from our users.

The exact pricing is yet to be decided. It will be determined by user feedback and our features.

We plan to release the first official version by the end of May 2021.

In the beta version you will be able to contact your prospects on LinkedIn and by email. You will also be able to find additional information on a contact, thanks to enrichment tools.

You just have to contact our Growth Manager on LinkedIn. They'll let you know about it's release.

You can consult our public roadmap. All our planned features have been noted down there. If you don't find the one you want, simply suggest it!

ProspectIn, Podawaa, Piwaa and Waalaxy are developed by the same company. Waalaxy is a tool that integrates ProspectIn's features, but is much more powerful.

Private Beta

It's about time.

No other tool on the market has managed to take on the technical challenge that is the multi-channel prospecting.
We've done it.

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