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Automate your Lead Generation.

Contact your target automatically on LinkedIn and by Email. You don't need a database. You don't need any technical skills.

" This tool is really a GAME CHANGER"

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The perfect tool for lead generation
on LinkedIn and by email


Simplicity ✅

The tool has been designed to allow you to launch your campaigns in less than 10 minutes.
No technical skills needed.


Efficiency 🚀

In 10 minutes a day, you can contact 700 potential clients per week. Via LinkedIn and email, the two channels that represent 96% of B2B prospecting today.


Support ❤️

Your success is our success. That's why our chat support responds in less than 3 minutes on average and has a 98% positive feedback rating.


How does it work?

Import your contacts 👽

LinkedIn and Emailing ✉️

Track your results 😍

In a Waalaxy not so far away, your prospecting happens autonomously.

LinkedIn + Emails

Multiply your response rates by 3. Thanks to LinkedIn & Email prospecting.


Your follow-up messages send themselves, as long as your prospect does not respond.


No one likes to be approached by a robot. Our suite of features helps you to personalize your messages.

Order and filter lists

Easily organize your list of prospects by segmenting them according to a multitude of criteria: title, company, region, language, tag...

Native integrations

Update your CRM and automatically export the data to your preferred tool easily.


Automatically import new leads and put your campaigns on autopilot.

Questions & Answers

What's the benefit of multi-channel prospecting?

By contacting your prospect on different channels, you multiply by 3 your chances of getting a response.

How do you find the emails of my prospects?

To find the emails of your prospects we rely on Dropcontact. It is one of the best tools in the industry, and it's perfectly compliant with GDPR

What will be the price of Waalaxy?

You can find all our plans here.

What is the limit of invitation requests on LinkedIn?

We are the only tool on the market that allows you to send 100 invitations per day, compared to the 100 per week limit that other tools have. All this and we guarantee the safety of your LinkedIn account.

Can I send cold emails with Waalaxy?

Waalaxy has been designed to become the #1 tool for LinkedIn & cold email prospecting. The tool is therefore optimized for cold emailing, and the other players on the market simply don't hold up.

What are the next features?

To know what features are coming next, you can check our public roadmap.

How will I know if the feature that interests me will be made available?

You can consult our public roadmap. All our planned features have been noted down there. If you don't find the one you want, simply suggest it!

How is it related to ProspectIn ?

ProspectIn, Podawaa, Piwaa and Waalaxy are developed by the same company. Waalaxy is a tool that integrates ProspectIn's features, but is much more powerful.


Built for you, supported by you ❤️


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Jason Turner

Founder at Entanglement

After having used so many other applications related to LinkedIn marketing, I can safely say that Waalaxy is the absolute BEST. Hands down. I found Waalaxy while searching for email marketing apps. I was THRILLED to find out that Waalaxy combines email and LinkedIn marketing, effectively killing all the birds with one stone.

Chip. M

Chief Revenue Officer at Carta

When Linkedin limited it's users by literally cutting their legs off from ever contacting a decent amount of prospects; ALL other apps simply "downplayed" the limit... and ran! NOT Waalaxy! They quickly found a solution... and not just a simple get-a-round, but a comprehensive- full featured solution! Not only allowing you to "connect" and msg via Linkedin, but instead utilizing MULTIPLE channels to connect! So instead of a limit; you actually have MORE ways to connect using Waalaxy. Do not waste your time testing the rest - I DID. Waalaxy also has daily support if needed.

Julieta Juvany

Business Developer at BetterPros

Waalaxy is an application that comes with solutions. To begin with, it is characterized by a clear, organized and easy-to-use application. It has different tools that together allow you to carry out a variety of actions together. Something to highlight is the quality of support that you get with Waalaxy. If you have any questions, the support team responds quickly and clearly. 

Jorge Morales

Growth Hacker at Eat Cloud

Looking to send more than 100 connections per week? This is the solution that you should use, not only for the number but also for the possibility to create Linkedin and email outreach campaigns in the same place...this platform has changed the rules of the game.  It also has a tool that allows you to find the emails of your prospects all in the same workflow at a really competitive price.

Nick Evans

Director and Owner at Koda Staff

I have to say Waalaxy is fantastic. A real game changer in regards to giving marketing power to the user. No longer does a small company have to part with a massive marketing budget to get agency support. Now, businesses and run their own engagement campaigns in a quick and easy manner, for very little money. 

Nicole Brooks

Director Marketing at Realtor

Waalaxy is absolutely AMAZING! It changed my perspective on contacting prospects via LinkedIn. Only three months after getting the subscription, I've had more responses and connections than since I started my LinkedIn. All I can say is that this tool is perfectly made with excellent resources. What I appreciate the most is the customer service. Margot is always willing to help me out and sort my needs. Productivity at its finest, no more time-wasting! THANKS A MILLION!!

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