LinkedIn messaging.
In a much better way.

Your LinkedIn conversations.
10 times faster.

Prerecorded responses

Scheduling of message retries


Tag of prospects


Export to your CRM


Support Chat 6j/7

Intuitive interfaces

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No credit card required

🌈 Prerecorded responses

👀 Scheduling of message retries

📊 Tag of prospects

🧑‍💻  Export to your CRM

❤️ Chat support with real humans 6/7d


Organize your messaging so you never lose a lead again.

Between LinkedIn and your CRM, there's Piwaa. ❤️
The messaging that simplifies and streamlines the management of your conversations. Increases your conversion rates.
And improves your contacts' experience.


How does it work?


Automate 🔄

Schedule reminders at a desired date. Automatically synchronize with over 2,000 applications.


Customize ✏️

Enhance the personalization of your exchanges with custom variables, tags and notes.


Answer 💬

You manage your conversations in 10 times less time than with traditional messaging, thanks to pre-recorded messages and keyboard shortcuts.

There is a before and after Waalaxy ❤️


on Google Chrome Store


Ruben Taieb

CEO  "Le cocon"

A tool that allows me to manage my 300 messages daily? A schedule of reminders and pre-recorded responses? BUT WHAT?! Yes, yes, it's possible. Before, I was missing great opportunities and I was spending more than 3 hours a day. Now I improve my prospect relationship and I save time. 😍


Benoit Dubos

CEO Growster

The promise was big and beautiful. And what is delivered in this first version is a promise more than kept. It is safe to say that the team is now better at LinkedIn than LinkedIn itself. 👊


Mathias De Afonseca


As always waapi offers great services, very well thought out and easy to access. If you want to make your business explode don't hesitate for a second, this is the tool you need. Since I've been using their services my business is much more profitable (saving time, money and efficiency).


Steven Marchais

Freelance Digital Marketing

Thank you for this simple, intuitive and above all functional tool! Managing LinkedIn messages is no longer a problem for me. Congratulations for this solution !!!!


Aymeric Simao

Custom Success Manager

A really superb solution with well thought out filters and very practical features but marred by repeated bugs that force me to uninstall and reinstall the extension regularly.


Jean D'Alessandro


As for its products like Waalaxy the team has once again done an exceptional job! Ergonomics, ease of management, clarity of documentation and a support as responsive as ever, I can only recommend this new tool.

Frequently asked questions

Is there a risk to my LinkedIn account?

No! Piwaa behaves exactly the same as the original messaging system with respect to LinkedIn. The difference is in the interface and additional features that do not generate any behavior prohibited by LinkedIn.

Is it possible to manage several accounts?

That's our intention. To be able to manage messages from different accounts from a single interface.
But we don't have a release date for this feature yet. Check our public roadmap.

Is the functionality free?

Absolutely. Piwaa has a free version that gives you access to almost all the features and simply limits you to a number of conversations managed each month.

Is there a mobile version?

Initially Piwaa will only be available as a Chrome extension. But we are thinking about it... 😉

Dois-je avoir un abonnement Waalaxy pour utiliser Piwaa ?

Piwaa is an integrated feature of Waalaxy, but it works independently. You can have a Waalaxy subscription without a Piwaa subscription. And vice versa. 😁


It's time to save some time. 🚀

No credit card required