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You need between 7 and 13 contact points with a prospect, in order to convert them into a qualified lead that is ready to do business with you.
How many touchpoints do you currently have in your prospecting outreach?

Come over to an intergalatic prospecting approach.



A multi-channel allows you to automatically get in touch with a prospect via LinkedIn, email, Twitter, telephone, and even by post. All automatically.


The centralization of the prospecting process provides you with more possibilities to personalize your approaches, and follow-up with your contact, the right way, at the right time.


By being present on every channel that your prospect is, you create a bubble around them. This is how you become the solution of reference.

The best prospecting method of 2021.

The multi-channel approach consists of being present on different channels for your prospects. Sending a connection request on LinkedIn, then an email, then re-tweeting a prospect's content. This approach offers the best conversion rate, but it is very time-consuming and often not very structured.

Waalaxy automates this process, so as to make it much more efficient.


Finally you can be sure you're reaching your prospects.

Easy to use

Complicated interfaces, that is not our thing. We have chosen to make a simple and efficient tool. Accessible to all.

Secure and clean

We've thought of everything to create a quality prospecting strategy. Without Spam. Without risking your LinkedIn account.


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